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E6B Flight Computers


The standard E6B was originally designed and manufactured back in the 1930's and can still be used today to complete all standard flight and navigation calculations for all pilots, from student pilot through to airline transport. The value of the metal E6B is that it never needs batteries, it is durable (less likely to be damaged if it is dropped, is stepped upon, gets wet etc.) and the inner slide can be removed and used as a basic chart rule/plotter. NOTE: The Jeppesen E6B comes with a high speed scale and can be used for high speed operations (above 300 kts). ASA's regular size E6B's require a separate, high speed inner slide scale for high speed calculations (ASA's Micro Metal E6B can be used for high speed calculations).

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Jeppesen Metal E6B, $44.95
ASA Standard Metal E6B, $39.95
ASA Colour Metal E6B, $49.95
ASA Micro Metal E6B (approx. 6" X 3", fits in pocket) $39.95
ASA Paper E6B, $19.95
ASA High Speed Slide for ASA Full Size Metal E6B $14.95



ASA CX-2 Electronic Flight Computer

Canada CX2

Although many pilots use a conventional E6B, since the E6B is essentially an old fashioned circular "slide rule", when compared to an electronic flight computer, it really makes no sense to use the E6B. The adage that "Old habits die hard" is apt when it comes to pilots that use the E6B. Ponder this: let us say you were asked to add 13 different numbers together and to then divide the sum by 13.7312, as quickly as possible: would you use a slide rule with pencil, paper and eraser to complete the calculation, or would you use a simple, modern, electronic pocket calculator? Slide rules have not been used since the 1970's because they are slow, tedious and complex to use when compared to electronic calculators: other than pilots, you probably cannot think of a single person that still uses a slide rule today. So why do vast numbers of pilots continue to use the slide rule type E6B computers as their standard flight computer when electronic flight computers are readily available? While we accept that having an E6B as a "back up" in case your batteries go dead on your electronic flight computer is a good idea, when it comes to making standard, day to day flight calculations, we recommend that every pilot use an electronic flight computer as their primary flight computer. ASA's CX-2 electronic flight computer is a well designed standard electronic flight computer that we offer. The CX-2 is easy to use: all standard calculations come with a series of user "screen prompts" so that user error is less likely and accuracy is greater. Not only is the time needed to make calculations much faster, many advanced calculations (such as Actual TAS) are easier than with the E6B since the CX-2 automatically compensates for high speed temperature rise and compressibility error, meaning less data needs to be entered. The CX-2 electronic flight computer comes with a hard shell plastic casing and instruction manual and is fully approved by Transport Canada for use on all Canadian aviation exams. Retail Price: $124.95


Jeppesen CR-2 Circular Flight Computer

Jepp CR2

Jeppesen's CR-2 flight computer is a useful secondary flight computer for specialized, advanced calculations involving high altitude, high speed flight e.g. Mach number, actual TAS, true altitude, temperature rise with differing temperature probe heating coefficients etc. for which most electronic flight computers don't provide the capability to calculate all of these advanced factors. This computer can also be used for a host of other specialized calculations such as radius of action/flight planning to moving landing surfaces (such as for SAR operations, landing helicopters on ships etc.), off-course drift corrections, calculation of in-flight winds, pressure pattern navigation and more. Width is approx. 4 1/4". Comes with vinyl carrying case. Note: Jeppesen no longer includes a paper-format user instruction manual with this computer, however a PDF format version is available at Retail Price: $44.95


Jeppesen CR-3 Circular Flight Computer

Jepp CR-3 Computer

Jeppesen's CR-3 flight computer is approx. 6" in width. Comes with carrying case. Note: Jeppesen no longer includes a paper-format user instruction manual with this computer, however a PDF format version is available at Retail Price: $54.95



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